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Desperate times

I have a huge update well overdue, but today I am approaching my livejournal with my hat in my hand. The world has worked hard to chew me up and spit me out over the last few years, but I'm still breathing. I've hit a financial suckerpunch, though, and my resources are tapped. My car is dead, I have unexpected legal fees related to my ongoing custody case, and I need to have my IUD taken out (it has expired) and have no insurance, so must pay those fees out of pocket.

I've created a gofundme crowdsourcing account. If you can help, at all, I'd be grateful beyond relief. If you can't, but can share the link, that would also be incredibly helpful. The amount on there is my pie-in-the-sky, covers-all-expenses amount. Anything, though, helps amazingly. And there are some cool rewards, if you enjoy those kinds of things. If all you can send is good wishes, that, too, is appreciated. Big update coming soon, I swear. And, yes, I'm still here and still reading every entry that comes across my friend's list, even if I haven't been generating content lately.
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The Golden Mask

I just joined in at the Hero level, and I've been meaning to share this for a bit, but life being what it is...

Still! Not to late to get in on the action!

My good friends naamah_darling and sargon999, both incredibly talented writers, are writing this very exciting, very erotic book, because, frankly, there is a dearth of GOOD erotica in this world. They've decided to go the indiegogo route to bring it to the people, and there is no skimping on the awesome perks. They are 80% funded and have only 9 days to go, so check it out and consider chucking a bit o' green into the pot to land yourself at least a copy of the ebook. At the very least, go check out the page. On the gallery page you can find links to their "trailer" for the book, which is amusing and clever, and also a video of Paul reading the first chapter. You can also see the amazing prints that are being designed as a perk, and even get the original mask and artwork!

Do slide on over there and snag yourself a piece of the awesome!